Abandoned Disembodied is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin.


He is the same Mascot head as his Five Nights at Treasure Island: Remastered equivalent, but now with a less-saturated colors, and covered in Dust.


He starts in Backstage with Abandoned Mickey and Abandoned Oswald. He will appear in the Office and will make an obnoxiously loud quacking noise, similar to his original counterpart. But if you don't send him back to his starting point, by starting the noise button on the Monitor, he will lure an Abandoned Toon to your Office, like Abandoned Mickey. He activates at Night 2, 3 AM.


Abandoned Disembodied just randomly teleports to the office.


  • He is basically the same Disembodied from Five nights at Treasure Island, but covered in Dust.
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