Abandoned Killer Mouse is one of the rare antagonists in : Five Nights At Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin.


Abandoned Killer Mouse bears a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons, as all of his colors are still in gray-scale and his features match the original cartoon Mickey Mouse, and looks rather shiny. But that is the only repair that he is dusty. He looks like the Original Killer Mouse Counterpart but the whole suit is dusty and he still walks or roams around with a big knife tucked behind his back , except for when he appears in the Vent just like the other abandoned-suits that proceed to go inside the Vent if any abandoned-suit appear or move or start inside the Storage that repairs unlike in the original Five Nights At Treasure Island.


He becomes active in Night 4 , starting in the Suit Warehouse , then he will go to the Stairway. Next off , he'll go to the Power Room but without shutting off the power. He can randomly go to the Entrance Room , then he will go to the Office. The player has 3 ways to prevent him from killing the player , first , the player can pull up the monitor , second , the player can hide under the desk , third , if the power's out , the player can scare him off with the flashlight. Failing to do those three instructions to avoid him from killing the player will make him jumpscaring the player and resulting a game over.

He will activate on Night 4 alongside the other abandoned-suits. He will start in the Hallway and then he will move multiple room along his path , he will appear on all of the rooms and then he will eventually appear in the Office.

If he's in the Office , the player must hide under the desk to avoid from getting killed , But making the monitor noise somewhere in the abandoned building will not work for him to go away. If the player fails to fend him off properly from the Office , The Failing Result will result in Abandoned Killer Mouse jumpscaring/attacking/killing the player.


He will start at the Hallway , and then he will move along multiple room , he will appear on every or any room or he will be appearing in all of the rooms , and then he will eventually appear in the Office. He will have four ways of getting inside the Office :

  1. He will just start in the Hallway , and then he will appear at the left side of the Office.
  2. Just like Abandoned The Face. He can just appear in the Theater , and then he will appear in the hole that leads inside the right side of the Office.
  3. Unlike And Alongside Abandoned The Face , He will appear in the Reception , and then he will go inside the cracked hole where Abandoned The Face Starts. Then He will appear at the center of the Office unlike Abandoned The Face.
  4. Just Like Abandoned Photo-Negative Mickey. He will just appear in the Storage , and then he will proceed the go inside the Vent , and then he will eventually appear inside the Office.
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