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Abandoned mickey

Abandoned Mickey is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2:Let the Show Begin. And is one of the first suits to attack you.



Abandoned Mickey's appearance slightly resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's appearance from Five Nights at Treasure Island, only except Abandoned Mickey's appearance is a non-Photo Negative look, with some Dust and the Original Mickey Mouse's colors.


Mickey Will Start In Backstage 1, Before Than Moving To The Stage And Will Then Move To The Theater, Than Take A Turn To The Hallway After The Hallway He Will Go To The Reception. And Will Than Get To The Office. Not Using The Sonic Device Will End In A Jumpscare, Ending The Night.


Abandoned Mickey lies in the Backstage 1 along with Abandoned  Oswald and Abandoned Disembodied then he stands up and goes to:

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