Abandoned Mickey is an antagonist in FNATI 2: Let The Show Begin. In the current timeline, he originally was a regular Mickey Mouse suit before he was simply too old and was seen wandering around with no one inside him.


He looks like Photo Negative Mickey but with the original Mickey Mouse colors with a dusty and pale look.


He acts like Photo Negative Mickey (Almost a clone of him) but will start at the lounge off-camera. When he moves, you will hear him say:

  • "Where is the theater?"
  • "Donald,Why are you a head."
  • "Help, me..."

When he gets to the office, You must either hide under the desk or shut off one of the cams. Failure to do so in time will result in his jump scare. His jump scare is similar to Photo Negative Mickey's.


  • He was moved to Treasure Island for looking too old.
  • When Abandoned Mickey and Photo Negative Mickey are in the same room, it looks like they're talking to each other. This could imply that the both of them are friends. (referring to the game he's from.)
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