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Abandoned Ortensia is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin and she is similar to Abandoned Oswald.


She is the same as her Five Nights at Treasure Island: Remastered counterpart and she bears and appears to be a strong resemblance to the "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" as first depicted to her early first cartoons , but she appears to be dusty. And another interesting thing! She's similar to Abandoned Oswald. She has discoloration around her body and her face and her torso , her dress and her cartoon legs over dust. And her mouth sometimes with white , rusty , withered and dusty swolls stuffed into her mouth and she still has her hat with a flower.


Her behavior is almost similar to Abandoned Oswald , she will become active in Night 3 or on Night 5 , she will start off in CAM 9 , then she'll randomly go to the Reception , then she will go to the Stage , next she'll go to the Theater , then she'll go to the Hallway , then finally she'll arrive to the Office. The player must pull up the monitor. If not , she'll then kill or attack you (as the player). She will have a random chance of going inside the 2 Backstages or moving along to multiple room along her route.


Abandoned Ortensia On The Title Screen


  • She is similar to Abandoned Oswald because she's Oswald Girlfriend.
  • She is in the Mickey Cartoons and the "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" Cartoons.
  • Her jumpscare is half-similar to Abandoned Oswald's jumpscare , however , her jumpscare is not confirmed to his jumpscare.


She will start off in the Janitor's Closet then the next locations are :

If the player spots Abandoned Ortensia , The player must pull off the monitor/shut off a camera/check the cameras , if the player refuse to do that will make her jumpscare the player and kill the player abandonly.

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