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Abandoned Oswald is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin.



Abandoned Oswald's appearance nearly resembles Oswald's appearance, only except Abandoned Oswald's appearance is in Dusty look, and still have Dark teal, black colors.


Abandoned Oswald starts in Backstage 1 with Abandoned Mickey and Disembodied.Then he proceedes to go to the Stage t, then to the Theater,then the Hallway and then the Office.Once he appears the player must use the sonic device.Failing or neglecting to do that will cause him jumpscaring and killing the player


Abandoned Oswald start in Backstage 1 along with Abandoned Mickey and Abandoned Disembodied, his next location is The Stage,then goes to the Theater,then the hallway and then the Office.