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Facts About Him

As His Name Implies , the inverted suit contains a corpse inside his suited head.

His head has unnatural , widened eye-sockets that highly resembles to MickMick's eye sockets.


Abandoned Photo-Negative MickMick is one of the rare antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 : Let The Show Begin. After Awhile , he will appear in the Office when the player uses the monitor for too long and then attempt to attack the player.


His appearance still resembles to Photo Negative MickMick's But he has a Dusty Look just like the other suits and he has less-saturated colors in this state and he looks exactly like Abandoned MickMick but just like Photo-Negative Mickey , his colors are inverted , or in this case, "Photo-Negative". And he has Bloody , Human Eyeballs that resembles to MickMick's , but they're inverted. And there's small parts cut off , and he has grungy rust around his suit. And there's a skeleton head/corpse inside his head. And his eye-sockets are unnaturally widened unlike MickMick. He has small buttons that's colored blue onto his shorts. He has an unnatural Inverted Mickey Head , and his gloves have three , white stripes on them. And his face is having small cuts around his face and he's also originally known as "****The Dead Inverted MickMick's Corpse****" or "****Abandoned True Mickey****".


He becomes Active On the Abandoned Night or on Night 4 , He will have random locations before appearing in the Office , he will first start at the Hallway and then take his path on other rooms before and then eventually appear at the right side of the office , but he first appears in the hole and then he's fully out , If You See Him, You Must Hide Under The Desk , If the player gets A Failing Result Or if the player Does Nothing , He will Kill You, he will Also Appear In The Office If You Use the Camera/Monitor for Too Long.


He will start at the Hallway , and then he will roam or wander around the abandoned theater , his locations he can go to are :


  • When He Kills You , He Has One Eye Only.
  • He Had a Hallucination when he appears inside the Office. (It's Actually Rare.) And his hallucination is him at the title screen with the colors inverted.
  • He is one of the abandoned enemies that resists to leave when the monitor is pulled up.
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