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Abandoned Suicide Mouse is a rare and a Quaternary antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2 : Let The Show Begin. He is just like Abandoned Mickey (Almost A Clone Of Him) But he's colored in gray-scale and he's eyeless , except that he has a red , bloody human-like eyeball in one of his eye-sockets. And he appears to have a very darkened tongue that's invisible. He appears to be a somewhat aggressive and a hostile enemy towards near the player , he will become a huge threat , going towards near the player unlike the most other abandoned-suits on Later Nights : Night 5 And Night 6. Alongside Happy Mouse, He is just a normal Mickey Mouse suit worn as a cartoon costume in the 1930's, but of course colored in gray-scale and appears to be dusty and abandoned; Out of all of the abandoned suits/abandoned-toons and abandoned characters, Abandoned Suicide Mouse is the most abandoned/dusty character out of the abandoned suits in the abandoned disney theater.


Out of all of the abandoned suits/abandoned-toons and abandoned characters, Abandoned Suicide Mouse is the most abandoned/dusty character out of the abandoned suits in the abandoned disney theater.

Abandoned Suicide Mouse bears to be a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in the early cartoons , as all of his colors are in gray-scale and his features match the original cartoon Mickey Mouse. He looks like a normal Suicide Mouse suit cartoon , but unlike the other abandoned suits , he's got a red , bloody , human-like and a dried-up eyeball for a strange reason, and he is more dusty than the other abandoned suits and he appears to be missing his tongue and he's having discoloration around his ears and his body over too many dust.


He becomes active on Night 4 , when he becomes active , a distorted version of "Suicidemouse.avi" will play in the abandoned television in the Character Prep Room , he'll start in Character Prep 1 , then he'll go to the Staff Area , next , he'll go to the Meat Freezer , then he'll go to the Office. He'll sometimes go to the Suit Warehouse. When he enters on your office, shut off a camera to get rid of him. Or else he'll kill the player just like the other abandoned suits.

Actual Behavior

He will activate on Night 4 alongside Melted Impure Mouse. When he becomes active, a distorted version of "Suicidemouse.avi" on piano-like music tune will play along in an unknown location position, the signal when he activates and making the player prepare for him. He can actually start at the Stage, but starts in the Backstage 2 sometimes off-camera before appearing in the Theater, then he will sometimes enter the Backstage 1 with his arms outstretched, like his original counterpart, and then he can appear in CAM 9 , and then he can move to the Reception , then he will appear in the Hallway before he will be appearing in the Office. The player must make the loud sound around the building to make him go away. But Failing or Neglecting To make the loud sound around the building to do so in time will cause , result in or make him jump-scaring or killing or attacking the player.


Sorry, I can't put the audios over again. I promise the Next Mouse will have a voice. When he's moving , he will say these quotes.

Why am I here?

I meet you... I see you two times... I will kill you now.I am ready this time...

What is this new prison? I feel i was here time ago...

Why did i exist? Where's my true destiny?


  • This image is not mine, is from Photo-Negative Mickey, on devianart.
  • The new eye from Abandoned Suicide Mouse is a eye from a victim who see the Suicide Mouse video, the eye is red because is dry and bloody.
  • The voice-lines says he's is the basic Suicide Mouse and he was in Discovery Island so time ago.
  • His voice is almost similar to Suicide Mouse's voice , but it's slightly sinister and a little bit low.
  • Abandoned Suicide Mouse is an abandoned version of Suicide Mouse.
  • Only his shade form has both blood red eyes.
  • This character is only an Easter Egg, which when active, a demonic like music box can be heard.
  • The pose that Abandoned Suicide Mouse uses when he enters the Meat Freezer is a reference to the suicidemouse.avi mock-up video where Suicide Mouse walks with his hands outstretched.
  • If the player manages to survive in-game for a long amount of time, Abandoned Suicide Mouse's full song will play, revealing that it will play the same moaning and screaming from the suicidemouse.avi video in-game. This can be seen in this video.
  • Abandoned Suicide Mouse was very active in Remastered 1.0 because his A.I. was being tested.
  • Suicide Mouse was renamed to Mortimer before the game was cancelled.
  • In Matthew's livestream teaser, Abandoned Suicide Mouse appears to be a darker shade of the original Mickey Mouse, not grayscale.
    • However, if the blender file is viewed, it shows that Abandoned Suicide Mouse is actually greyscale, and that it's just the lighting.
  • The television in the Broadcasting Room will turn off and Abandoned Suicide Mouse will disappear when the player shut off a camera.
  • As of the remastered version of Five Nights at Treasure Island, Abandoned Suicide Mouse has a voice.
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