Abandoned The Face is a distorted and a somewhat melted version of Abandoned Mickey without eyes.

He is an abandoned/dusty version of The Face And his ears are more bat-pointy. And his lower torso is melted and he's missing his glossy , human-like eyeballs in his eye holes.

  • He is an indistinct to Abandoned Mickey.
  • His jump-scare is very unexpected to the player.
  • He has dust and abandoned and withered flesh in his mouth.
  • He doesn't have shoes of his.
  • Just like The Face , he still appears to have his bat-like pointy ears that resembles to the Original Face.
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Abandoned The Face is a distorted version of Abandoned Mickey, and an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin.


Abandoned The Face has the same appearance as Mickey Mouse, except he has eye-holes without eyes, he has a dusty look, and his mouth hangs open with no teeth showing as if it is broken or dislocated. His ears are more bat-like and pointy, compared to Mickey Mouse's circular ears. His suit also appears to be slightly darker than normal and there are just short little stumps where his legs should be, as most of his lower torso has been melted, cause of "Corrupti Incident", where Jake threw The Face into fire and he's an indistinct to Charred Mickey.


Abandoned The Face will activate in Night 2 or Night 3. Abandoned Face starts in the Reception inside the cracked hole at the middle , appearing on top of the table. Then he goes into the Stage before appearing at the Theater , then he will proceed to move inside the Hole that leads to the right side of the Office. Once he appears , the player must pull off the monitor. Failing or neglecting to do that will cause him jumpscaring and killing the player.


Abandoned The Face will be starting in the Reception, next locations where he can go are:

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