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Eventually, I reached a black and yellow striped door with the words "CHARACTER PREP 1" stenciled on it.
Abandoned by Disney
Character Prep 1
CAM 4.png
Cam: CAM3
Suits: Photo-Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Photo Negative Minnie, Suicide Mouse, Acephalous

Character Prep 1, also known as CAM 3, is a location of the game Five Nights at Treasure Island and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney . It seems to be a backstage for mascots. This is where Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied start. Photo Negative Minnie also appears here hanging from the ceiling, as seen in TGsEE. Character Prep 1 has a poster of the original Disneyland Mickey on the floor. On the wall to the left is 2 posters, one which marked "Cactus Kid" and the other "Giant Wanted. There is also a Mickey Mouse badge on the floor. There are multiple wires hanging down across the ceiling. There are also some shirts hanging on the mascot costume rack. Suicide Mouse can also appear in this room.

Rare Events/Easter Eggs

  • Once every while when the Player checks Character Prep 1, an rare event will happen in there, making everything disappear in the room and on the walls wrote in a red blood type look "ABANDONED BY GOD" "ABANDONED BY DISNEY" and when this happens the static on the screen will be stronger, making the room less visible a bit but still able to see the rare event that happens.
    • Sometimes only "ABANDONED BY GOD" appears, but "ABANDONED BY DISNEY" doesn't.
  • In rare occasions, Disembodied can be seen looking at the camera.
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