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Character Prep 1, also known as CAM 3, is a location of the game Five Nights at Treasure Island and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney . It seems to be a backstage for mascots. This is where Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey and Hell Bound Disembodied start. Hell Bound Photo Negative Minnie also appears to start alongside them getting closer to the camera, as seen in TGsEE. Character Prep 1 has a poster of the original Disneyland Mickey on the floor. On the wall to the left is 2 posters, one which marked "Cactus Kid" and the other "Giant Wanted. There is also a Mickey Mouse badge on the floor. There are multiple wires hanging down across the ceiling. There are also some shirts hanging on the mascot costume rack. Hell Bound Suicide Mouse can also appear in this room.


The Character Prep consist Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey standing at the center and Hell Bound Disembodied laying down next to Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey. And The Character Prep consists a monitor with bulging , weird-looking eyes on it. And the floor is dry concrete and has visible boxes below. And the light is dark navy. At The Left , there's a laying poster that's linked unknown and there's scattered stuff around , and in front of the poster and the Character Prep 1 has repairing differences , darkened textures , darkened lights and invisible things.


Starting Enemies

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey will start in Character Prep 1 standing at the center with Hell Bound Disembodied laying down next to him , and Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie can start inside by coming closer to the camera, and Hell Bound Suicide Mouse somewhere off-camera in the Broadcasting Room. And also the other enemies that can start inside Character Prep 1 are Hell Bound Daisy and Hell Bound Willy.

Appearing Suits

Any hell-bound suits can appear in Character Prep 1 , except for the hell-bound suits that starts far away from there or starts or that is closer to the Meat Freezer.