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Were you searching for Abandoned: Discovery Island's version of Corruptus' counterparts, Photo-Negative MickeyThe FaceSuicide MouseWillyMickMick, or True Mickey?

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Corruptus is the final boss of the Good Ending route in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



Corruptus is a combination of Photo-Negative Mickey, The Face, and Suicide Mouse, with holes where his ears and nose should be and blank, empty eyes. He has no legs and always hovers above the ground.

In the Broadcasting Room, another form of Corruptus is seen where he retains a more complete, Mickey Mouse-esque appearance, albeit still missing legs. This form is shown to be able to take off his head easily, just like Photo-Negative Mickey, though no yellow blood will leak out from his neck.


Corruptus only appears on Night 6 if the player received the Good Ending, where they get the key from the Pirate Caverns and escape Photo-Negative Mickey. Corruptus glitches every room he enters, even the Office, but with that being said, it's easier to detect if he is in your Office or not. If he speaks in a garbled voice and is standing next to the sign or in the left doorway, you need shut off a camera or turn off the power. If you hear his voice more clearly, and he's right in front of you, you need to hide under the desk, but not for too long or you will be attacked by Slester. If you shut off the power, you need to listen to Corruptus's voice. If he's in the Office and his voice sounds more garbled, you must stand still. If you can hear his voice sound more clearly, you need to hide under the desk. If the player doesn't use the appropriate mechanic to defend from Corruptus or does nothing while he is in the Office, Corruptus will attack the player. When Corruptus does attack the player, Photo-Negative Mickey, The Face and Suicide Mouse will simultaneously appear in the Office for a split second.

The following audios will make a better understanding of where Corruptus appears in the Office.

  • When Corruptus is at the left side of the Office, he says "Let's have some fun."
  • When Corruptus is at the middle of the Office, he says "I know you're in there."
  • When Corruptus is on the desk, he says "You can't run away from me."


  • The first teaser featuring Corruptus was heavily edited to obscure Corruptus's appearance.
    • When Corruptus is in the Broadcasting Room, the teaser image appears on the TV screens.
  • When Corruptus is in Character Prep 1, the textures on him and in the entire room appear to be likely unfinished and blank white.
  • The parts of Corruptus that look like Suicide Mouse actually appear to use his shades' texture, as there are small amounts of blood on them.
  • Corruptus is named after the creepypasta "Corruptus", written by Chris Howard Wolf and a part of the Abandoned by Disney series, though he shares no direct connection to the story.
  • Corruptus is voiced by ToonsterGames, one of the game's programmers.
  • Corruptus differs from True Mickey, as the latter is a demon. Corruptus is a normal, but heavily corrupted and merged suit.
  • In earlier versions of the game, Corruptus could appear on earlier nights in the Lounge.
    • This was later confirmed to be a bug, and has been fixed and replaced with the proper suit head easter egg.
  • Corruptus can appear on all the cameras, excluding the Pirate Caverns Entrance.
    • That being said, Corruptus is the only character to appear on nearly all of the cameras in the game.
  • Corruptus seems to slightly change appearance in different rooms.
  • Corruptus seems to have at least higher strength than the others, as it effortlessly tosses the desk aside in its hiding jumpscare.
  • Corruptus is occasionally accompanied by floating, single-textured and further distorted versions of himself. Desko refers to them as Corrupted Bodies.