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Five Nights At Treasure Island : S_C_R_A_P_P_E_D is an Unofficial revival of a game by the samee name made by Gabhart3 and Blackout after it bot cancelled. The revival is made by the user Photo-Negative Mickey





The Locations Or Cameras Scattered Inside The Monitor Located And Seen In Five Nights At Treasure Island : Scrapped Are Known As :

  • Mascot Room
  • Staff Lounge
  • The Wooden Freezer
  • Scrapped Janitor
  • Cavern's Props
  • The Roof's Ceiling
  • The Lost Character Prep
  • Hidden Bathroom
  • The Broadcasting Area
  • Hidden Room

The Broadcasting Area leads to the right side of the Office , where Undead Suicide Mouse proceeds to walk-through , the hidden room leads to the left side of the Office , where the other-undead suits proceeds to go through , after Undead Photo Negative Mickey or Undead Photo Negative Minnie goes inside The Roof's Ceiling , they will proceed to go inside the chimney that leads to the Office.


The Office is scattered and abandoned and has the monitor set-up and it will show 16 Cameras in the monitor's screen , 11 CAMs at the Radar , 5 CAMs at the other Radar , some suits will start at any CAMs and then they will roam around any CAMs and then some of the suits will appear in the Office. The player can interact with the Radio to increase the volume sound and the player can interact with the flashlight and the player can interact with the monitor with the cameras , if the screen statics , that could mean that one of the suits can become active and it will start moving.


If one or more suits appear in your office , the player must scare some of the off with the flashlight , or shutting off one of the cameras , or maybe hiding under the desk , But if the player fails/neglects/delays/refuses or cancels to do those tasks to avoid them in time , one or more suits will kill/attack or jumpscare the player and it will result in a game over , some of the suits will not kill the player.

Game Over

The Game Over screen will appear if an Undead Suit jump-scares the player if the player doesn't do the tasks to fend it off , the screen will first static with the color texture crimson , and then it will show the Game Over screen , the screen will be like the Office but the screen is half-way turned and it is zoomed in and it's showing an eyeless Undead Photo-Negative Mickey head with human blood leaking out of his head and the game screen will say the sentence : "GAME_OVER". After a few seconds , it will make the screen go back to the title screen.


There will be a radio set-up at the Office on the desk , you must increase the volume in the radio , but if you leave the radio volume , then the volume will decrease , the player must make the volume on the radio stay on high pitch , because if you don't , that will make the suits block your way out after 6AM , if it's 6AM without the radio increased and if it's decreased and if there's no volume in it , that will result in a screen appearing that has a sentence saying "FAILED_TO_INCREASE_THE_VOLUME_IN_THE_RADIO" , after 17 seconds will result in everyone's jumpscare one by one.


More Coming Soon!


The Monitor has been set-up at the Office at the desk next to the Radio, the player can interact with the monitor and the monitor will have 16 CAMs instead of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 CAMs on the 2 Radars, the first Radar will have 11 CAMs, the second Radar will have 5 CAMs, the player can avoid some of the suits by shutting off one of the cameras, Failing or Neglecting to do that will make a suit jumpscare the player and will result in a game over.


The Flashlight was a removed mechanic that was set-up in the Office at the desk, if a suit appears behind one of the boxes, the player must scare the suit off by flashing the flashlight on the suit to survive because Failing or Neglecting to scare a suit off with the flashlight will make the suit jumpscare the player and result a game over.