Five Nights at Treasure Island

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Original Five Nights at Treasure Island
Genre: Point and Click
Game engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Theme: Horror
Demo release: 24th Feburary 2016
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Original Five Nights at Treasure Island is a revival version of the first Five Nights at Treasure Island when it was first ever shown to the public.

The revival made by User:Photo Negative Mickey, and which the game will be made from Clickteam Fusion 2.5.





Five Nights at Treasure Island was a fan-game of Five Nights at Freddy's which had the Disney Characters trying to kill the player this time, the game being based on the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney, this was made by AnArt1996.

Later on AnArt made a Remastered 1.0 as the original was buggy, but this version turned out to be more buggy so he started devolopment on the Remastered 2.0, which he stated there will be no Demo, the remastered 1.0 also showed Suicide Mouse's first appearance.

AnArt stopped devoloping the game half way through the making of the Remastered 2.0 as he got tired of the project and passed it on to PuritySinners.

Purity later released a Demo of the Game, which a lot was unfinished, and PN Mickey was then later on replaced by Willy. Purity cancelled the Game latter because of the hate the Community got, until AnArt1996 released the files of the game to everyone for them to try and finish the game.

After a while Photo Negative Mickey got the original layout of the map and decided to make a Original version of FNaTI with new suits and more!

Then on the 24th of February 2016 the first demo was released containing Night 1 and Photo Negative Mickey. Then Night 2, Disembodied, The Face and Oswald were released soon after. In the latest update Night 3 and Acephalous have been added. Soon Acephalous' voice, Pirate Caverns, Hiding and Pluto will be added.

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