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Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney (originally just Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 and later Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin) was a fanmade sequel of Five Nights at Treasure Island.

The sequel is made by Photo Negative Mickey, programmed by Jack [AwesomeGuy3434] and the game is made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It was going to be different, but because PN Mickey didn't like it, he changed it to Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin. Eventually he decided to rename the final version to Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney.

It was later cancelled due to a lack of motivation.

The End of Disney Story [Beta/Old Version]

Disney is coming to an end, in which havoc and chaos has broken out of their tomb. The possessed suits have become more of a monster than they once were... your job is to keep them inside the building you work in.

If they escape, they could kill everybody... survive for 5 nights to hold them back, but beware, they're closing in on you...



You decided to return to Treasure Island for a strange reason , you see Treasure Island but it's not the same. It's collapsing and it's destroyed and it's shut down.

That place is so hellish and it's closed and the sky is red and has red , hellish clouds. You go inside and you see everything destroyed and it's withered , and everything's scattered around and everywhere is dusty and dirty and it's abandoned.

You came back to Treasure Island because you had a job to win $100000. The main reason why Disney shut down , because Disney just recently blew $30,000,000/thirty million dollars for a dumb reason... Then they abandoned it/shut it down.

All of this started in the other side of DisneyLand called "MOWGLI'S PALACE" , it was usually just a fun , attractive park full of joy , then after a big , incidental day over a "walking suit", they shut the palace down for many years , a lot of time has passed by...

After awhile a lot of time passed by... Disney has been forming...

Over an atomic bomb , Disneyland has come to an end , this will be your last time you'll ever see Disneyland. The suits have formed into possessed , hellish hell-bounds , but the scariest part of the hell-bounds is... They're not dead!

You have to survive for 5 nights to hold them back , and power up/charge the generators because if you don't charge them , it will lock the doors that leads to the exit.

You're gonna have to be careful and all prepared for this journey , but beware , im'ma give you a HUGE warning , this won't be a pleasant adventure for you.

Hell-Bound Suits

Rare Hell-Bound Suits/Unreleased Hell-Bounds

Locations in FNaTI 2 : The End Of Disney


Let The Show Begin Story =

You just heard that the Disney Theater has shut down , over many years passing , the theater has been a theater filled with Disney movies until after many years , the suits got abandoned and the theater has closed

down , and the theater's show has begun.

A few months before Treasure Island opens up, you're a security guard at an abandoned theater, which is, well... abandoned. It's all because of an accident on one fateful day, taking a boatload of lives...

Your job at this old Disney theater is to keep an eye on the equipment, so they can be shipped to Treasure Island to be good as new, having use once again. But, something goes... wrong. The suits come alive.


The Abandoned Suits have been shifted to Treasure Island for looking too old in their appearance , and the suits got scattered in the abandoned theater , Why is the theater abandoned? Because of a HUGE accident on one big , disastrous , fateful day on taking a boatload of lives... and after that incident happened , the suits got abandoned and the theater shut down , you're the security guard at the abandoned theater to lure the abandoned suits back to their cells , some of the suits might be melted , Your job at this old Disney theater is to keep an eye on the equipment, so they can be shipped to Treasure Island to be good as new and make sure the suits have to be cleaned , having use once again to return and bring The Disney Theater back in business , But the only thing that gone wrong is that... The abandoned suits have came to life to make it harder for you.

The Show Has Begun After All...

Abandoned Suits

Rare-Abandoned Suits/Unreleased Abandoned Suits

Withered Suits

Melted Suits

Locations in FNaTI 2 : Let The Show Begin

Original Story

The SSA finally got their equipment out of Treasure Island, in which they finally managed to destroy the haunted suits before proceeding to their next location. On your way to Alabama your truck crammed with equipment breaks down. It will take 5 nights to fix, so the SSA rented an old warehouse to store all of the equipment until the truck gets fixed, but the souls that have emerged out of the suits are still after you. Do you have a tolerance to the dark? Will you make it to your truck or will the souls overpower you?


Version 1/Beta

Version 2/Remastered

Version 3/Revamped


Disney has returned filled with ghosts roaming around , in which all the ghosts and the spirits have broken out of their own grave , and the spirits have came to haunt you and then kill you ghostly. You should have never came back to Treasure Island... But you had to go there , so you need to survive 5 nights (6 nights) to avoid the ghostly spirits. The souls have taken over...

It's your job to hunt down the spirits but you better not screw up or else you'll suffer the eternal punishment in the spirit's corps! ! !

You better beware of the spirits or else... You will suffer from this... HELL...

Will you escape this ghostly , spiritual place and avoid all these soulless spirits?

Let's find out!


Locations in FNaTI 2 : Original Revamp

Spirits/Ghostly Suits

Unofficial Spirits/Rare-Ghostly Suits/Unreleased Spirits


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