Five Nights At Treasure Island Remastered 1.0 Wikia

Game Mechanics are features that can help or distract player.

Original Version


The Monitor is one of the main mechanics used in Five Nights at Treasure Island, which is used to check around Treasure Island's cameras to keep an eye on where the suits are throughout the Building. The player can also shut off the cameras to lure some suits out of the Office.


The Clock is one of the Mechanics used in Five Nights at Treasure Island to help the player keep track of what time it is from 12AM to 6AM. On Night 3 the Clock's time will be decreased, so Night 3 will only end on 3AM then take you to Pirate Caverns, just that Night will finish at that time.

When in Game, the Clock is located to the top right of the screen.

Remastered Version


Hiding is a game mechanic for the game Five Nights at Treasure Island introduced in the remastered version. As revealed in AnArt's files, it was going to be in the original demo but a memory leak with Gamemaker prevented the source code that includes this to build. 


Turning off the power allows the player a way to get the cameras to turn back on by restarting the system, since they take longer each time they are turned off. It takes one and a half in-game hours for the power to turn back on, so turning off the power is recommended as a last resort. 


Shades are alternate version of suits. They only appear when the power is out. Most of them are based on creepypastas.