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Hell Bound Daisy is an Antagonist In Fnati 2: The End Of Disney


Hell Bound Daisy bears to be a strong resemblance to the Daisy Duck as first depicted in the 1999's early "Mickey Mouse : House Mouse" Cartoons.

She is like the original Daisy, but she is hellish, burned and has spider legs. Part of her head is ripped off and has exposed , bloody flesh. She appears to have rotten and darkened blood leaking on her mouth and part of her face is a little sewed on her right eye-socket and her eyes are replaced with phantom-ghost eyeballs. And part of her head is missing because it was too burnt , so part of her head is burnt off and she slightly has several rips will exposed flesh inside around her head.


She will become active on Night 4 alongside Hell Bound Photo Negative Mickey and Hell Bound Disembodied , she will start in CAM 03 before appearing in CAM 01 , then moving to CAM 02 and then into the Office. When she enters the Office, she prevents the player from opening the cameras and prevents the player from zapping the other suits with the buttons. They must hide to make her leave. If delaying to do that , she'll lure a hell-bound suit to your office.

When she moves , she will say these quotes :

"I will rip out your organs..."

"You will be stuck in this hell."

"Just because disney's just ending , doesn't mean we can just parish away..."


"You aren't gonna escape here so easily!"


She grew spider legs because she formed into a hell-bound.

She missing her part of her head because she just got burnt.

She can disable the buttons using her spider legs.

She is the second enemy who doesn't kill the player. (she disables the buttons just like Hell-Bound Disembodied)

She can randomly teleport into your office just like Hell-Bound Disembodied.

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