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Hell Bound Face
Hellbound face.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Brown, Red, White, Black
Starting Location: CAM 10
First appearance: Night 2
While there's the suit of Oswald becoming active on this night, there's another suit that will activate tonight. It's a distorted and melted Mickey character. He starts from the Roof, but I don't think you can view the Roof camera, because there's only 6 cameras on your monitor. He will then use the airvents to enter the main building. If you see him at the office door, just press the button to scare him off, simple.
Jake describing Hell Bound Face before beginning Night 2.

Hell Bound Face (previously referred as Hell Bound Distorted Mickey) is one of the tertiary antagonists in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney, alongside Hell Bound Oswald. He is one of the two characters to first become active on Night 2, and are so far the only characters to activate on the same night.




Out of all hell-bound characters in the game (excluding Hell Bound Goofy, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie, Hell Bound Disembodied and Hell Bound Daisy Duck), Hell Bound Face appears to be in the worst condition in terms of overall appearance.

Hell Bound Face bears a similar resemblance to The Classic Face, but his human-like eyes are replaced with glowing ghost-like eyes, like other characters in the game. He is considerably melted, and is deform, destroyed, burnt and is in a really tattered state. He has flesh inside of his head, and has several rips; exposing his flesh, and it is also in his mouth. One stub-like leg is missing, and his ear is shredded. He leaks out of an ear, the end of his fingers on his hand, also his thumb (replaced with a brown finger), and is missing his buttons (replaced with a tear). He also lacks a hand, and his nose and legs.


Nightmare Face appears to have spikes in his mouth and eyeholes, and has an overall dirty appearance. He has black buttons on his red pants. He lacks both arms and both feet. Unlike his original counterpart and his revamped counterpart, this model represents legs, which are considerably more longer than the ones in his previous appearances.



Hell Bound Face becomes active on Night 2 alongside Hell Bound Oswald, who is the second character to activate on the same night. His path towards the office is rather short. He will begin on the roof, off-screen. Then, when he becomes active, he will go through the airvents that lead to the main building. Shortly after, he will appear in CAM 01 on top of one of the boxes, and will then move to CAM 02 before entering the office at the right door entrance. If the player spots him at the right door, the player must shock him with the right button to make him retreat. If not shocked in time, The Face will jumpscare the player and cause a game over. Overall, his starting location is most likely unknown at this time, as there is not much cameras to notify where he could start at, he presumably starts off-camera.

While moving around, he will either groan or say one of the following quotes:

  • "No heavens. No hells. Only this!"
  • "How dare you show your face...after what you have done?"
  • "Who disturbs the dead?"


Nightmare Face will appear on the roof at random intervals on Night 2, and then will move into the office. To get rid of him, the player must turn off a camera in order to drive him away. Failing or neglecting to do so in time will cause The Face to jumpscare the player, ending the game.


Although he remains off-camera at first, Hell Bound Face starts in the Staff Area underneath the boxes, and will then move to the Meat Freezer. Shortly after, he will move into the Office.

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