Hell Bound Face is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney.

Hellbound face

Hell Bound Face


Nightmare Face. (Old version)


He is just The Face but he has ghost eyes, he's melted, deformed, and destroyed.he leaks out of his right ear , arm, and legs. in the previous version he appears to have sharp "teeth" in his eyes and mouth.


He'll appear on the roof at random intervals, and then appear in the office. The player must pull up the monitor and shut off a camera. Failing or neglecting to do so will make him attack the player, resulting a game over.


He has an unknown starting location and will appear in CAM 01 on top of one of the boxes. Then he moves to CAM 02 before appearing in the right door. If not shocked in time, The Face will jumpscare the player and cause a game over. When moving, he will say:

"No heavens. No hells. Only this!"

"How dare you show your face...after what you have done?"

"Who disturbs the dead?"

"*Groaning sound*"

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