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Flesh Bound MickMick
Hell bound mickey by photo negativemickey daavc99-pre.jpg
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Skin, Red
Starting Location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 4

Night 5 (aggressive mode)

Flesh Bound MickMick is (can be referred as "Flesh Bound Mickey" by the fans) is a recognizable Mickey Mouse suit, and is one of the true tertiary antagonists in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney.



Flesh Bound MickMick appears similar to his Original Design, but he is in a very tattered state. Like Flesh Bound Photo-Negative Mickey, he seems to be all charred, and his colors are burnt and darkened. Apart from his torn skin, he has several tears on his head, exposing flesh. He has flesh going down his nose. Little parts of his face is going across his left eye-socket. Inside his head, has flesh inside. His face has burnt marks going down his upper portion of his face, and he's missing his nose. He's missing a shoe, most parts of his arm, the end of his fingers. He has bigger version of Flesh Bound Photo-Negative Mickey's phantom-like eyes, and he mostly has wider eye-holes. His shoe is shrivelled in dust. His pants are torn up, as the buttons are torn away. His smile is outstretched, casuing it to look more sadistic.


Flesh Bound MickMick becomes active starting on Night 4, but starts to become a threat on Night 5. He starts in the Storage Room. He is initially staring up at the camera. This can help the player prepare for him to move. He will then move to CAM 01, CAM 02 and CAM 06 before entering the Office at the left entrance. The player needs to press the button to shock him in order to avoid him from killing the player. Failing or neglecting to do so will cause Flesh Bound MickMick to attack the player.

When the player makes it at 5:AM on Night 5, Flesh Bound MickMick will suddenly appear at the player's left, and will punch the player on the office desk, and will attempt to choke the player to death. To escape him, rapidly press [SPACEBAR], and he will let you escape on 6:AM. If the player fails to do so, Flesh Bound MickMick will choke and kill the player; as he puts the player's lifeless body on the ground.


Flesh Bound MickMick will start in the Storage Room along with Flesh Bound Oswald and Flesh Bound Ortensia. He will then move to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, and the Lounge before moving into the office.

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