MickMick Mugshot

MickMick's Mugshot in the jumpscares menu.

  • Hell Bound MickMick is an Antagonist in Fnati: The End Of Disney.


He looks helish. One of his hands is cutted of and one shoe of his is missing.

One of his ears is almost cutted of completely and the other is just a little cutted off.

MickMick extras

MickMick in the Extras Menu.


He starts moving on Night 4. He starts in CAM 04 off-camera before moving to CAM 01, CAM 02, CAM 06, and then standing in the left Office door. If the player does not press the button to shock him, MickMick will jumpscare the player and cause a game over. When the player makes it to 6 AM in Night 5, MickMick will suddenly appear and attempt to choke them to death. They must press the spacebar repeatedly to escape and beat the night. If they don't, MickMick will choke the player and cause a game over.