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MickMick Mugshot

Hell-Bound MickMick's Mugshot In The Jumpscares Menu.


Hell-Bound MickMick's jumpscare.

Hell bound mickey by photo negativemickey daavc99-pre

Hell bound MickMick's full body.


Hell Bound MickMick is also known as Hell Bound Mickey/Hell-Bound Mickey Mouse and he is a Quaternary And A Special Antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2 : The End Of Disney. Alongside Hell Bound Ortensia, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie and Hell Bound Oswald, Hell Bound MickMick is one of the enemies that can activate on Night 4 alongside the other hell-bound suits , the other hell-bound suit being Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie.


As his name implies, the costume is actually a Disneyland park Mickey Mouse character costume with Normal coloring. It is unknown why it was coloured such everybody. Like It contains all of the Mickey Mouse features, such as circular ears, a small pointed tail, a pointed nose, a large grin, buttoned pants, shoes, and gloves. If he's reversed, it shows Hell Bound Mickey Mouse's "Photo-Negative" colors.

Hell-Bound MickMick is a hell-bound mouse with a tail , and he's like the iconic character known as Mickey Mouse as a special iconic character over 30/thirty years in DisneyLand. Hell Bound MickMick bears and appears to be a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in the 1999's early first cartoons.

He looks like his old look and he highly resembles to Mickey Mouse's appearance/resemblance, but he looks hellish. One of his hands is cut off and one shoe of his is missing.

He is a innocent , cute-looking hell-bound mouse if you think about it. One of his ears is almost absent/cut off completely and the other ear is just a little cut off/absent.

His appearance is that he looks torn, dirty, somehow dusty, and burnt and charred. And he seems to be having darkened schemes. He has widened-eye sockets within a bloody corpse inside his head and he has tears and rips onto his eyes and his face. with exposed flesh too of course! Unlike the other hell-bound suits , He has big phantom ghost-eyes. He has several fleshes around his face. His hand is missing the end of his fingers on his right hand and his shorts are ripped and it has one , dry button on it. His shoe is fully dry and shriveled in dust. And he lacks off his nose and his nose part is a little cut off and has flesh inside. And he is dirty and he has black , dirt stains on top of his head and he has dirt stains around his face. And he appears to have burnt dents on top of his face, and his glove and his shorts. He appears that his jaw is slightly outstretched and he has a creepy smile and a little part of his face is sewed on his left eye-socket and he looks hellish.

MickMick extras

MickMick in the Extras Menu.


He will act exactly like MickMick in the original FNaTI. He starts moving/becomes active/activates on Night 4, but then he starts to become an aggressive and a threatening Mickey Mouse suit towards the player by choking him on Night 5. He starts in CAM-04 alongside almost everyone and even Hell-Bound Suicide Mouse. He will start at the Storage Room off-camera before moving to his next locations/CAMs to CAM 01, CAM 02, CAM 06, also known as : Staff Area , Meat Freezer , Lounge. If he's at CAM 06 , also known as the Lounge , you will see him at the middle looking at the camera , then he will go to the office standing in the left Office door. The player must shock him to ward him off for survival. If the player does not press the button to shock him, MickMick will jumpscare the player and cause a game over. When the player makes it to 5.A.M. in Night 5, MickMick will suddenly appear at the player's left and attempt to choke them to death. But he will first punch the player , then he will choke the player with his bare hand. They must press the spacebar repeatedly to escape and beat the night and even beat the game! If they don't, MickMick will choke the player and then put the player laying at the ground , and then he will kill the player and cause a game over. Then they won't beat the game , but Hell Bound MickMick will give the player 50/50 chance of completing or beating the game because he's a friendly hell-bound , innocent cartoon character.

When he's moving , he will say :

"What is this place?"

"I don't want to stay here..."

"I just... want... to... escape... this... prison..."

"(crying unsettlingly)"

"Hiya' fella!"

"Do you want to play with me?..."


He looks like Mickey Mouse (a clone of him) but in a hell-bound version.

His voice looks like Mickey's but 15% low and echoed.

If it's 6AM in Night 5 , he'll become friendly and escape with you , And! If it's 6AM in Night 5 , the whole hell-bound suits will become friendly and escape the collapsing building with you , and even get their missing body parts back.

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