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Hell Bound Ortensia
Ortensia Extras.jpg
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Color (s): Dark Terracotta, Black, White, Orange, Red, Pink, Dust
Starting Location: Storage Room
First appearance: Night 3


Hell Bound Ortensia is a quarantine and a cartoonist and a special antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2: The End Of Disney. And she bears to be Hell Bound MickMick's special friend of his because Hell Bound MickMick and Hell Bound Ortensia have their first depicted early cartoons.


Hell Bound Ortensia bears and appears to be a strong resemblance to the Ortensia as first depicted in the early first 'Oswald The Lucky Rabbit' Cartoons. She is the same as her old look with no arms, but hellish like other hell-bounds and also Hell Bound MickMick, and her head and her eye-sockets appears to be stuffed with ghost phantom-like eyeballs, She's missing her nose and her skin looks melted. Her dress is slightly dusty. Her hat is shriveled. Her mouth seems to be a forced smile. One of her small-stubbed arms are missing. Her species are that she is a "Hell-Bound Cat Cartoon". She has exposed and complete flesh in her mouth and several fleshes around her face , her face is orange and her fur is dark terracotta and she still has her hat with a flower , she still has her cat ears that still resembles to Ortensia's. Except that the color is dark terracotta. She looks generally hellish just like Hell Bound MickMick because she's Hell Bound MickMick's second friend of his. Disturbingly, the suit is littered with ghost-glowing eyeballs, within a rip/tear on top of her right eye-socket, which exposes 2 glowing eyeballs inside, within her head and the suit filled with flesh.

Old Appearance

She looks like Ortensia and her appearance highly resembles to Abandoned : Discovery Island's Version 1's Ortensia's appearance , but her right leg and her arms are replaced by spikes , spikes are grown out of her head and her body and she appears to have her eyes replaced with bloody human-like eyeballs, around her eyeballs has tiny spikes around them , she appears to have an unnatural-looking smile and she appears to have a tear at the side of his face and he has small holes around , she appears to have several spikes around her body, she also known as "Nightmare Ortensia".


She will act like the original Ortensia in the original FNaTI. She will activate on Night 3 alongside with Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey, Hell Bound Oswald, Hell Bound Disembodied, Hell Bound Face, Hell Bound Goofy, and Hell Bound Suicide Mouse. Hell Bound Ortensia will activate on Night 3 with Hell Bound Suicide Mouse that also activates alongside her. Unlike other hell-bound characters, she will take a direct route or a direct path to the Office , or she will just head or move along directly to the Office , rather that moving around the building at random intervals or rather that going back an forth throughout other cameras by appearing on all of the cameras in the monitor. She will start in the Storage Room, off-camera. Then, she appears in the room walking to the left doorway, almost looking at the camera. Then she'll move to the Staff Area, then she'll go to the Meat Freezer, and then she will appear at the right side of the Office. The player must electrocute her to get her out of the Office for survival, or else failure to do so in time, she will kill or attack the player.


Hell Bound Ortensia starts/begins in the Storage Room with Hell Bound Oswald and Hell Bound MickMick, and like Hell Bound Suicide Mouse, she heads directly to The Office, but first moves to:


  • She grew eyeballs on her eye sockets for a strange reason.
  • She has a forced smile because she forced herself to always be happy.
  • Her voice looks like her old look but a little bit low and 100% echoed.
  • She is similar to Hell-Bound Oswald because she's Hell Bound Oswald's Girlfriend.
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