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Hell Bound Oswald
Hellbound oswald.png
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Color (s): Dark Teal, Black, White, Brown, Red
Starting Location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 2
Well, you made it to Night 2, congrats. Tonight, the suit of Oswald will become active, starting at the Storage Room. Get rid of him the same way you did with the inverted Mickey suit. Oh, same for the melted Mickey suit.
Jake Smith describing Hell Bound Oswald before Night 2 begins.

Hell Bound Oswald is an unfinished Oswald costume, and is the secondary antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney. He was actually Walt Disney's first ever iconic Disney cartoon character, but was later replaced by Mickey Mouse. He later made a comeback as a main character in the games Epic Mickey and its sequel, Epic Mickey 2.




Hell Bound Oswald appears to be similar to his original counterpart, but appears to be in a really tattered state. He is melted, deform, destroyed, and severely burnt, however, he doesn't represent flipped textures and colors; like his original counterpart. Instead, he looks more like the Disney character, taking the similar design of Classic Oswald. He lacks both arms, his left leg, his nose and his right ear. Like most of the characters in the game, he represents a bloody "human-like" head or fleshy substance inside his head, which represents glowing phantom-like eyes. He represents the same substance inside his large droopy eyeholes and his mouth.


Taking the same design as Nightmare Oswald, his eyes and teeth are replaced with spikes, and he has an overall dirty appearance in terms of designs. His legs are also replaced with spikes.



Hell Bound Oswald activates on Night 2. He starts in the Storage Room, standing next to a pipe at the east side of the camera when in his inactive state. Once active, he will immediately leave the room. He can hide from the cameras, like Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey. He takes the same path as Hell Bound PN Mickey, with the exception of only heading in the office through the Lounge. If he does enter the office, the player must shock him to ward him off in order to survive. If the player does not shock him in time, Hell Bound Oswald will attack the player and end the game.

While moving around the resort, Hell Bound Oswald will say one of the following quotes below:

  • "What is this pain?"
  • "Where did God go?"
  • "Prepare to suffer."
  • "I deserved to be blessed."


Nightmare Oswald activates on Night 2. He starts in the Storage Room, standing at the west side of the camera. Once active, he will leave the room. He is very hard to be viewed in some of the cameras, even the Office. Once he appears in the office, he will come at the west entrance. The player must shine the flashlight at him to scare him off in order to survive. Hiding under the desk or turning off cameras will not affect him. Failing or neglecting to do so in time will cause Nightmare Oswald to jumpscare the player, ending the game.


Hell Bound Oswald begins in the Storage Room, before heading to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and then will head into the office.

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