Hell-Bound Oswald's jumpscare.

Hell Bound Oswald is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 : The End of Disney.

Hellbound oswald

Hell Bound Oswald.


Hell Bound Oswald entering the (left) door and getting shocked (when he "leaves").

Nightmare oswald by photo negativemickey-da1uwym

Nightmare Oswald. (Old version)


New/Original version

He is melted, deform, destroyed and he has ghost eyes. He lacks of arms, left ear and right leg.

Old version

In his old version he seems to have sharp "teeth" in his eyes and mouth, and spikes sticking out of where his arms and legs should be.

New/Original Behavior

Oswald activates on Night 2. He starts standing in CAM 04 before moving to CAM 01, CAM 02, CAM 06, and then the left door of the Office. If the player does not shock him, Oswald will jumpscare the player and cause a game over. When moving, he will say "Prepare to suffer.", "Welcome.", and "Want to see heaven?"

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