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Hell Bound Photo Negative Minnie is Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey's girlfriend and she is an antagonist Five Nights At Treasure Island : The End of Disney.


  • Revamp

Hell-Bound Photo Negative Minnie bears to be A Strong Resemblance to the 'Minnie Mouse' as first depicted in the early first 'Mickey Mouse' cartoons , except that she's photo-negative/inverted , Hell Bound PN Minnie's appearance is nearly resembling to her Original look, but she's in a very tattered state. She has several rips on her head like Hell-bound PN Mickey, With exposed flesh too, She is missing her "human-like" teeth. She is missing her Left foot and her right hand. Half or her leg is absent and Half of her ear is absent. Her bow tie is covered in dust and dirt and her glove is monochromatically covered in dust for some reason. Her shoe looks melted. Her skin is less-colored and looks dry and her dress looks dry and it's covered in dust and it's ripped by the side and has phantom eyes. Her face is having discoloration over so many dust and parts of her face is a bit darkened and her face is white instead of her normal cyan-skin , her face is distorted just like her Original Counterpart , except that she lacks off her human-like teeth and it's replaced with exposed flesh inside her mouth and she's also known as "HellBound Photo-Negative Impure Mouse".

  • Beta

She is a scattered version of Photo-Negative Minnie , she has her human-like teeth and her teeth are sewed into her hands. Her face is sort of dirty and one of her eye sockets are massively ripped and her other eye socket are a little bit ripped and her clothes look dirty and it's 2-sided ripped at the left and at the right and she's missing her ear and her ear is a little sliced at the side and her nose has a rip at the right side and she still has 2 legs and she's also known as "Nightmare Photo-Negative Minnie".


Hell Bound PN Minnie gets active along with Hell Bound MickMick in Night 4. She starts in CAM 6 , when she's at CAM 6 , she stands at the right holding her right hand up , then she randomly goes CAM 3 , If she's at CAM 3 , she will go closer to the camera and even look at the player, Finally , she will go the office at the left door. The player must zap her to make her go away , If refusing to do it makes her jumpscare and kill the player , resulting a game over. She can actually start in the Character Prep 1 alongside with Hell Bound Photo Negative Mickey and Hell Bound Disembodied and then she will take her path along multiple room near to the Office. She will actually start at Character Prep 1 , then she will move to the Staff Area , and then she will appear to the Meat Freezer before appearing in the Lounge , and then she will eventually appear in the left side of the Office. The player must shock her to scare her off with the electrifying buttons to electrocute her to survive , or else Hell Bound PN Minnie will attack the player.

When she moves , she will say :

"I don't want to be here..."

"What did I do to deserve this hell?"

"Someone please... help me...!"

"(scared breathing)"

"You aren't going anywhere!"

"I'm behind your corps here..."


She looks like Photo-Negative Minnie but in a hell-bound version.

Her skin is less-coloured over many years she stayed at Treasure Island , she was getting tattered.

She is similar to Hell-Bound Photo Negative Mickey.

Her voice looks like her old voice but 50% low and echoed.

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