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Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie
Hell bound minnie by photo negativemickey dab2m88-pre.jpg
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 4

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie is known to be Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey's girlfriend, and is the septenary antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End Of Disney.



Like previous appearances, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie is an photo-negative colored Minnie Mouse costume, resembling her Original Look, however, this type of a Photo-Negative Minnie suit is in a very tattered state. She has several rips on her head, like Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey, With exposed flesh too, She is missing her "human-like" teeth. She is missing her Left foot and her right hand. Half or her leg is absent and Half of her ear is absent. On her left arm, shows a circle of her absent glove. Inside her mouth, exposes flesh. Her face skin is mostly white, around her head seems to show slight blackened dust. Her eye-sockets seem to be circular, with phantom-glowing eyeballs inside. Her dress seems to have a cut spot at the right; as most of her colours seem to show discoloration. Disturbingly, she has a widened grin, and is missing eye-lashes. Her face is distorted. On her black, dusty gloves, shows white-striped lines. This entire type of the suit is torn, charred, dusty, withered, dirty, damaged, exaggerated and is missing several body parts.


Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie will get active starting Night 4. She'll begin in Character Prep 1, along with Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey and Hell Bound Disembodied, off-screen. Then, she'll appear in the room, closer to the camera. She moves directly around the Office, going towards the player, and moves very quickly. Whenever Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie enters the Office, the player must electrify her to get her to another room. However, if the player fails to shock her in time, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie will attack the player.

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie is told apart from Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey, because she only appears in Character Prep 1 if Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey and Hell Bound Disembodied has left the room. However, excluding the only one that only applies in Character Prep 1 is Hell Bound Disembodied, which is an advantage towards the player.


Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie will remain off-camera in Character Prep 1. She'll eventually appear being closer to the camera in the room, before teleporting to CAMs 01, 02, 06 and she'll eventually teleports to the Office.


  • Photo-Negative Minnie is one of 4 female enemies in the game, the other 3 being Ortensia, God and Daisy Duck.
    • She is also the second female character to be added to the game.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie was made as the result of a request from a user on this wiki. The user suggested this character by submitting fanart that can be found here.
  • Although Photo-Negative Minnie in The Office (found in TBmHC) makes her appear to be relatively tall, PN Minnie is actually the same size as Photo-Negative Mickey in the game's third teaser.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie was originally known as Photo-Negative Minnie in the original version, until she was then changed to Impure Mouse (And her colors were reverted, although she kept the eyes and teeth) and Photo-Negative Mickey was replaced by Willy when Purity took over the game.
  • While moving, Photo-Negative Minnie may say "This isn't how we were supposed to be" and "Why do I exist?", or she may laugh.
    • When Photo-Negative Minnie laughs, she sounds like she's crying.
  • The Corrupti Incident explains why she has no eyes.
  • When Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, it looks like she has eyes inside her mask, how ever it could most likely be lighting or modeling error.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie's shade looks similar to Ink-Blot Minnie from Subwofer's Nightmare Before Disney.
  • When She Appears in the office With No Power Minnie in his Shade Form The eyes Will Go red no shade suits can not do this
  • Her killscreen is inspired by Nightmare's, Golden Freddy's and Nightmarionne's from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.


  • During her jumpscare, Photo-Negative Minnie's teeth are clipping through her.
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