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Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie
Hell bound minnie by photo negativemickey dab2m88-pre.jpg
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color (s): Photo-Negative; Red
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 4
Hey Greg, I forgot to mention to you. If you look around the Mascot Room, you will see an inverted Minnie character, she's active on the fourth night, alongside that normal-colored Mickey character. If she is in the mascot room, she will block the camera view with eye-contact with it. Also, she is not seen in the mascot room if she's inactive, because she might be laying underneath the camera. Okay, about her, she will take the same path as that inverted Mickey character, but only goes in the office through the Lounge. Just do what you typically have to do with her like all suits to get rid of her; shocking her with the buttons.
Jake describing Flesh Bound Photo-Negative Minnie before Night 4 begins.

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie is a major antagonist, later devolved into a recurring antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The End of Disney, returning from FNATI 2: The End of Disney Revision 1, from being a non-antagonistic character to a major antagonist to the revamp, and has a more improved appearance in the update of the game, alongside the entire roster in the game.




Out of all hell-bound characters in the game (excluding Hell Bound Goofy, Hell Bound Face, Hell Bound Disembodied and Hell Bound Daisy Duck), she appears to be in the worst condition, but appears to be the least burnt of all of them.

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie appears to be similar to her original counterpart in terms of physical appearance, but she is really in a tattered state. She has several rips on her head, like Hell Bound PN Mickey, with exposed flesh too. By extension, she has a bloody "human-like" head or flesh inside her head, like the other characters do in the game, except for Hell Bound Undying and God. Her entire body, including her clothing, is entirely covered in dust, even covering the entire color of her face, and nearly the colors of her dress, while her bow-tie, her shoes and half of her face is covered in "burnt" dust. Her overall appearance is mostly burnt, darkened, extremely dusty, torn, and is one of the worst characters in terms of conditions. She is missing her "human-like" teeth, exposing flesh inside her mouth. She also lacks her right foot and left hand, and has fairly large empty and lifeless eyeholes with glowing phantom-like eyes, resembling the other characters in the game. Half of her ear is absent.


Nightmare Photo-Negative Minnie fairly takes the similar appearance of her classic counterpart in Nightmare Before Disney, with the exception of having her head back on her body, but this is the only repairment. She has an overall dirty appearance in her design, like most of the other characters in the previous game, and a torn-like ear, the lack of an ear, and large empty and torn-like eyeholes, revealing the inside of her head.



Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie activates on Night 4 alongside Hell Bound Undying and Hell Bound MickMick, who are the next antagonists to activate on the same night with her. Photo-Negative Minnie will begin in CAM 03, off-screen. Then, she will appear in the room, obstructing the camera's view with her face. She moves directly toward the office, and moves very quickly, like most of the characters in the game, even Hell Bound PN Mickey, but only proceeds to move into the office through the Lounge, like most of the characters in the game.

If Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, she will come at the west doorway from the Lounge. Once spotted, the player must electrocute her with the left button to make her go away, or either hide under the desk to make her leave, but the latter method has 50/50 chance of surviving. If the player fails to keep her away from the office in time, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie will attack the player the next time the monitor is put down, or if they hide under the desk.


Although Nightmare Photo-Negative Minnie does not appear in-game of the previous patch of the game, she makes her appearance as a cameo in the revamp of the extras in the Old VS. New Characters section.


Although she remains off-camera when inactive, Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie starts at Character Prep 1, obstructing the camera's view with her face. She will then move to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and will then move into the office.

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