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Hell Bound Undying
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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Color (s): Red, Blood, Flesh
Starting Location: Pirate Caverns
First appearance: Second Half Of Night 3, Returns In Night 4


Hell-Bound Undying's Jumpscare

Hell Bound Undying is a Special Antagonist that's located in the Pirate Caverns after Night 3 in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2 : The End Of Disney. Alongside Hell Bound Pluto , he is the first enemy that can become a threat around the Pirate Caverns. He is one of the two enemies that are located in the Pirate Caverns. The other being Hell Bound Pluto.


He's Just An Undying Humanoid , As His Name Implies , He appears to have the same appearance that highly or lowly resembles to Undying's resemblance. But He Is A Hellish Humanoid With Four Arms. His skin and his textures are made out of leaking blood , and he seems to not have a face , but he barely have a human-like nose.


He is seen and located in the third floor of Pirate Caverns. If you will get the Cleaver , you will be able to escape him by throwing the cleaver at him , but if you don't get it by throwing the cleaver at his face , he will kill or attack you, resulting a game over. Then he returns in Night 4 , he appears in the CAMs around 2.A.M. , he starts in the Bathroom , then he goes along to the Meat Freezer , then he will enter the right door of the office , the player must electrocute him to go away , If not , then he will kill you like in the pirate caverns , resulting a game over. If he enters the office , he will be swinging the right office door open and closed just like Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey.


Hell Bound Undying is first located in the third floor of the Pirate Caverns, then on Night 4, he starts in the Meat Freezer (CAM-02) or either the Bathroom, before the 3AM clock timer, he enters The Office. When he's moving , he'll say these quotes. (but it will be distorted and lowly reversed) :

"I will get my revenge..."

"How dare you throw a cleaver at me?"

"You won't get away with this!"

"You... will... DIE!!!"

"(breathing furiously)"


He grew 4 arms because he formed into a hellish humanoid.

He is the enemy in the Pirate Caverns.

He can return in Night 4 when Hell-Bound Photo-Negative Minnie is active.