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Janitor's Closet, also known as CAM 9 is an location in Five Nights at Treasure Island Remastered. It seems to be a small storage room. A doorway can be seen at the right corner of the room. This room is including in the Remastered version of the game. Acephalous's Body start here in remastered version, which when active, he can be seen crawling across the floor to the Bathroom area.


The Janitor's Closet is a small area beside the Bathroom where there is green scattered neon-lights/glow-sticks around the area. The Closet consists every scattered stuff inside. There's a bucket , a warning sign , cardboard box and the floor is made out of black and white , squared patterned floor.

Starting Enemies

Only Acephalous and Pure Mickey will be the two enemies that will start in the Janitor's Closet , but the only repairing will be that Pure Mickey will be starting in the Janitor's Closet and going alongside Acephalous. Pure Mickey can be a a bit of a threat to the player.

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