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The Lounge, also known as CAM 6, is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney Which is a very dark room, with a table with a poster on it of Donald Duck. Which between the 2 tables are sofas, one of them having a water cooler type shape next to it. Hell Bound Photo-Negative MickeyHell Bound OswaldHell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie and Hell Bound MickMick can be seen in this area.


The Lounge is a redder and a lightened area alongside the other rooms within visible wooden boxes that's unclear to see , and they are far away. And there's mini-light set-ups at the left and at the right. There's a pole at the right and there's a mini-light set-up with a white bin can sewed onto it. And the wall is made of patterned-stoned concrete material. And the lights are red and pale blue , and there's visible wooden boxes at the left that's unclear to see.


Starting Suits

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie can somewhat start here in random intervals , and the other and the only enemies that can start inside the Lounge are just Hell Bound Cactus Kid and Hell Bound Killer Mouse.

Appearing Suits

All Of The Suits Can Appear In The Lounge , the others being Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey and the other suits , the others being Hell Bound Photo-Negative MickeyHell Bound OswaldHell Bound FaceHell Bound Suicide MouseHell Bound OrtensiaHell Bound GoofyHell Bound DaisyHell Bound Photo-Negative MinnieHell Bound Undying and Hell Bound MickMick. Most Of These Hell-Bound Suits Don't Actually Appear Inside The Lounge If They Don't Proceed To Go Inside There.