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The Meat Freezer, also known as CAM 2, is a location in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 : The End Of Disney , and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney. Acephalous's head can be seen lying on the ground with a cleaver nearby with some other objects and debris lying around on the floor, with two white shelves in the corner. There are also a few meat hooks and loose, black wires hanging from the ceiling. There is also a Mickey Mouse button on the ground. Hell Bound Photo-Negative MickeyHell Bound Oswald, Hell Bound Face, Hell Bound Suicide MouseHell Bound Ortensia , Hell Bound GoofyHell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie and Hell Bound MickMick can pass through here. Acephalous's eyes can occasionally be seen open. Hell Bound Purity starts here on Night 5 and Hell Bound Undying will start here on Night 4 after being in the Pirate Caverns. And this camera has a generator that the player must charge up to make it full , Failing Or Neglecting To Do That After 6.A.M. will result a game over.


The Meat Freezer is a darkened area as the Suit Warehouse that's highly a similar resemblance to the Character Prep 1. The Meat Freezer has scattered stuff around , there's a Mickey Mouse's torso body hanging with a hangar , and the torso has it's head torn off , and there's another Mickey Mouse torso body at the middle with it's head off hanging with the hangar , and there's a loose and a broken hangar laying at the floor. And there's a camera monitor at the left , and there's a Mickey Mouse torso body with it's head off laying at the floor , there's a wooden horizontal line with big width with cupboards. There's a door a little open and at the left of it , there's pipes around and there's poles around the Meat Freezer , and there's a big cupboard at the center of the Meat Freezer. And there's a dirty couch with big bin cans on top of it and the ground is made out of bare concrete floor.


Starting Enemies

Hell Bound Suicide Mouse can somewhat can start inside the Meat Freezer , and Hell Bound Undying can start in the Meat Freezer after being inside the Pirate Caverns , and Hell Bound Purity can start in the Meat Freezer after being in the Pirate Caverns , including Hell Bound Impure Mouse. Hell Bound Face can somewhat start inside the Meat Freezer with his phantom-like eyes glowing in the dark while he's laying at the floor.

Appearing Suits

All Of The Suits Can Head Through The Meat Freezer , The Suits Appearing In The Meat Freezer Being Hell Bound Photo-Negative Mickey , Hell Bound Oswald , Hell Bound Face , Hell Bound Suicide Mouse , Hell Bound Ortensia , Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie , Hell Bound Daisy , Hell Bound MickMick and Hell Bound Purity.