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Melted Impure Mouse , (also known as "Abandoned Minnie") is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin. And she is a similar character to Abandoned Mickey. Alongside Abandoned Minnie Mouse, she is a melted Minnie Mouse toon that had another Minnie Mouse suit with her.


Melted Impure Mouse is also having another name that's also known as "Abandoned Minnie Mouse" and she is an abandoned , withered and a melted version of Impure Mouse, but a distorted version of Minnie Mouse in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin.


Out of all of the other abandoned suits/abandoned-toons and abandoned characters, Melted Impure Mouse is the least dusty character out of all of the others, but the most abandoned, withered and the melted character.

She is A Withered Version Of Impure Mouse Or In This Case "Abandoned". She looks like Photo-Negative Minnie but her colors aren't inverted or reversed/but with normal Minnie colors and she has a dusty look. She's missing her nose , she has burnt-little black eye-holes and she looks melted. Her bow tie and her clothes slightly look dusty/dirty. Her ears look smaller than the Original Minnie Mouse, compared to Mickey Mouse's bigger ears, and her skin looks like a melted type for strange reasons, about her face, her face seems to be a melted-like type, with parts of it going across the mouth, nearly covering the whole mouth. And her skin looks bright beige than the original skin. She is similar to Abandoned Mickey , and her skin and her ears look generally melted in her appearance and her beige skin is sewed into her mouth for a strange reason.

And she appears to have stitched button-like polka dot bow-tie and stitched button-like dress, but covered in dust and dirt.

Other Minnie Mouse's Appearance

Abandoned Minnie Is A Melted Version Of Impure Mouse , Or in This Case , You Can Call Her "Abandoned". Her appearance looks like Minnie Mouse and Impure Mouse mixed together except she has a dusty look and she has little-circle ears unlike the original Minnie Mouse and her skin looks melted and it's brown instead of her original peach skin and it's dirty and she looks melted and her nose is just like Impure Mouse. She looks like Photo-Negative Minnie but her colors aren't inverted/her colors look like the normal Minnie Mouse suit and she has a creepy smile and she's missing her human-like teeth like she usually has just like Impure Mouse and she has little-burnt eye sockets for some reasons and she looks very withered in her appearance.

Melted Impure Mouse

Melted Impure Mouse


Melted Impure Mouse will start being active on Night 4 , but then starts to become faster on Night 5. She will start on Stage, and then she will go to CAM 9, and then she will eventually appear in the Theater. Sometimes she can enter Backstage 2 or she can sometimes enter the Reception , and then she will appear at the Hallway. And then she will appear in the Office. If she's at the player's office , she will come closer to the player with one glossy-human like eyeball and she will lack off her nose and she looks melted. The player must pull the monitor and press the sound device to make her go away or else she will kill or attack the player , then her jump-scare will end up resulting a game over. If she's at the Backstage 2 , she will stand up being hanged up on top of the 2nd Backstage at the ceiling , she will be hanging up into the 2nd Backstage from a hangar that's usually in the Meat Freezer.


Melted Impure Mouse begins/will start in Stage , then the next locations she can access to head/go to are:


  • She got melted over a courrupti incident.
  • She's similar to Abandoned Mickey.
  • She will come closer to the player and she'll have one , hellish eyeball when she's in the Office (maybe two eyeballs, one of them is dark).
  • She was in the Theater because she was thrown in the Theater by an Unknown Person.
  • Melted Impure Mouse is one of Abandoned Mickey's abandoned girlfriends.
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