Night 2 is the second playable night of Five Nights at Treasure Island, as well as the last playable night in the old Demo. This night starts immediately increasing the difficulty, as Photo-Negative Mickey will start to get more active and Oswald becomes a threat from this point onward. Disembodied's head can also sometimes appear during this night, effectively multiplying the number of potential threats to watch out for.

1NIGHTONE Lisa preformed by OtakuMashu

Active Suits

Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald and Disembodied will be active on this night on, The Face can also come to the office rarely.


  • Check the cameras quickly to know if any costumes have left their start position.
  • Remember that Oswald appears at the center of the room, so If you suspect that he is in the room, look in the center. Note that he might be hard to see because of his coloring.

Phone Call

"Hello... Uh? Jake? Hey! It's me, Lisa! I just wanted to pop in and say you are doing a great job over here watching those cameras. I would have done it myself if the equipment shipped faster, But hey! I'm not the one who's controlling it... But anyway though, How is it going? Any problems happened? I mean, aside from the suits that move, I heard Greg never told you about Oswald, He's lucky you are ALIIIII- I mean... OK! Well, anyway though, Oswald was an unfinished costume that stalks just as the photo-negative suit does. The only difference he has is that Oswald's textures were never finished and with that being said he is full black character that can easily blend into the darkness. If he is in your office... Just do as you would do with Mickey. I'll be back to check in on you and see how you are doing. So... see you then!"

Cutscene (Remastered version only)

After beating Night 2 you'll get a cutscene where someone killed Photo-Negative Mickey. After that God will be appear about him.

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