Night 4 is fourth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island, which unlike Night 3, this Night will not end at 3AM, Night 3 was the only night to end at 3AM. This night drastically increases the difficulty as most of the characters become active at this point. Photo-Negative Minnie and Undying will be active from that point on.

In remastered version only Photo-Negative Minnie and Ortensia will be active from that point on.

Active Suits

Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide Mouse, Pluto, Acephalous. Photo Negative Minnie and Undying will be active from that point on.

In remastered version Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide Mouse and Acephalous. Photo Negative Minnie and Ortensia will be active from that point on. 

Phone call

Hello Jake! It's me , Mike Schmidt , thanks to Treasure Island for the cameras that is working Alright , Tonight. Ortensia will be active. If she gets in the Office , shut of any camera to make her go away. Once Again. Survive the night by avoiding the suits and tat's all the evidence. Good Night and Good Luck!


After beating Night 4 you'll get a cut-scene where The Face got killed by someone, God will be appear about him.

The End Of Disney


So you encountered a red , four-armed figure or humanoid in the Pirate Caverns and discovered that there is a third floor? Interesting. Looks like that red , four-armed figure isn't too happy after you threw a cleaver you found in Floor 2 at him. So you're on your own. And there's something I forgot to tell you. There Is A Inverted Minnie Mouse Suit becoming active. And there's a withered Mickey Mouse Suit becoming active alongside the suits , starting in the storage room alongside Ortensia. But there's a burnt Daisy Duck head that becomes active or moves tonight , who can disable the buttons and the cameras in the monitor , so hide under the desk like with the Donald Duck head. I'll contact you tomorrow. Don't die , okay?
— Greg

Active Suits

Hell Bound Photo-Negative Minnie , Hell Bound MickMick , Hell Bound Fanny , Hell Bound Daisy , Hell Bound Undying and Hell Bound Impure Mouse will be the next enemies that will activate in the fourth night. Hell Bound Undying will be the enemy that returns from the Pirate Caverns after being attacked by the player with the cleaver.

Let The Show Begin


Well your at your fourth night , but this time , this won't only be different. There will be a Melted Minnie Mouse Suit becoming active , starting in the Stage. But there's a grey-scale Mickey Mouse suit becoming active alongside her. But about that Melted Minnie Mouse suit. Don't know why she was inside the stage for too long , she must've been thrown at the stage by an unknown person , but she looks like an old suit. And there's other suits becoming active. But if any suit comes inside your office , Just make the monitor sound to make them get out of the office to survive. Anyways! I'll contact you tomorrow. Don't Die! Wish You Luck.
— Chalice

Active Suits

Melted Impure Mouse , Abandoned Suicide Mouse , Abandoned Photo-Negative MickMick and Abandoned Killer Mouse will become the next active enemies on the fourth night alongside some of the suits that can be able to be roaming around.

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