Five Nights At Treasure Island Remastered 1.0 Wikia

Night 5 is fifth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island. This night drastically increases the difficulty to hard as most of the characters become active at this point. Henry and MickMick will be active from that point on.

In the remastered version God will be appear in end of night and say:

  • Don't worry. I am not here to hurt you.
  • But. There is a one reason why i am here.
  • My name, is God, and i gave life to these suits for a reason.
  • And it was all part of 1 event, and you know what it is.
  • Don't remember? Think back, a long way back.

Active Suits

Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide MousePlutoAcephalous, Undying, Photo Negative Minnie. Henry and MickMick will be active from that point on.

In Remastered version Photo-Negative MickeyOswaldDisembodiedThe FaceSuicide MouseAcephalous, Photo Negative Minnie, Ortensia.

The End Of Disney


So Dude , it's your final night here. Good job! I thought you wouldn't make it there. Looks like the suits don't want you to escape on the boat heading to you at 6 A.M. , though , They're going to all go out. But I just forgot to mention. Didn't you just see that ghost-mannequin figure that's all white and there's several holes on it and has stones sewed into it's body with 4 mannequins between the figure? If you did , it's already becoming active and it's on the loose and it's already here to stop you from escaping. If it appears inside your Office , hide under the desk to make her disappear because electrocuting her will not work because she is a ghost. Anyways. Enjoy your last day. So Good Lu-rkr0kf9o56j0950a5031jk0famapkj0sadk-a0skd-a
— So Glad That You Survived , Greg.

Active Suits

In The Last Night In Treasure Island (FNaTI : The End Of Disney) The Next Enemies who Appears In Cameras Are Hell Bound Purity and Hell Bound Killer Mouse , Hell Bound Purity will return from the Pirate Caverns and she will start at the Meat Freezer before appearing in the Office.

Let The Show Begin


Hey bud'! You made it to your fifth night. That's impressive. No one ever survives all the way there , well I guess you have a lot of luck. Well Tonight , there will be a lot of suits becoming active alongside each suit. So your going to have to keep an eye equipment on the Office and really act fast by making the sound somewhere in the abandoned theater if any suits appear inside the Office because they can become fast and a threat. Oh! Yeah , and there's a dusty and a dirty , inverted Minnie Mouse costume that can randomly be thrown in the Office , if she wakes up , make the monitor sound to get rid of her , and there's a Choked Minnie Mouse costume becoming active in the Reception , try to get rid of her the same way like you did with the other suits. Well , I guess that's all the advice I can give to you. Enjoy your fifth night and I'll contact you on the Next Night.
— Cuppy

Active Suits

The Next suits that become active , appearing on cameras are Abandoned Ortensia , Abandoned MickMick , Abandoned Photo-Negative Minnie , Choked Mouse and Abandoned Minnie. Abandoned Mouse becomes almost inactive on this Night barely. So that means that he will act somehow slow on every camera that he moves into , along-siding any suit near his path.