Night 6 is sixth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island. The origins of Treasure Island and a Revenge of Jake. You're playing in a Past where all rooms are fixed and clean. Only active suit is Past Mickey(Normal Mickey Mouse). If you got Jumpscared by Past Mickey he will be say:

HAHA! The look on your face Jake when i scared you!

The other staff were right! You are scared of everything!

Wow! You're such an idiot.

Anyway, Shift is over, i'm gonna go get changed.

Jake is continue a dialog:

... dare you. Scare me like that...

You and other staff treat me like nothing...

I'll show you all true fear. All of you!

Do you hear me!?

All of you!

All ends when cutscene is playing where Jake after a dialog move Meat Freezer and picking up a Butcher Knife.

Active Suits

Only suit who is active is Past Mickey.

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