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Night 6 is sixth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island. The origins of Treasure Island and a Revenge of Jake. You're playing in a Past where all rooms are fixed and clean. Only active suit is Past Mickey(Normal Mickey Mouse). If you got Jumpscared by Past Mickey , he will be saying these phrases in the cut-scenes :

HAHA! The look on your face Jake when i scared you!

The other staff were right! You are scared of everything!

Wow! You're such an idiot.

Anyway, Shift is over, i'm gonna go get changed.

Jake is continuing a dialog:

... dare you. Scare me like that...

You and other staff treat me like nothing...

I'll show you all true fear. All of you!

Do you hear me!?

All of you!

All of this ends when the cut-scene is playing where Jake after a dialog moves to the Meat Freezer and then picking up a Butcher Knife to make it usable to kill the other activating suits that are roaming around the building.

Active Suits

In Night 6 or In The Sixth Night is where the "Good Ending" will happen after 5/five nights of working in Treasure Island. The Only suit who is active is Past Mickey.

The End Of Disney

There is not a sixth night in the game , therefore , that there won't be anymore hell-bound suits becoming active and there won't be another phone-call because the fifth night ends the whole game within a cut-scene with credits.

Let The Show Begin


Dude! You're still there!? Why though?... Last night was your final night, okay. Here's the drill! There's a few suits becoming active, there's this fusion Mickey Mouse suit becoming active and there's a really withered and a charred, melted and a really tattered Mickey Mouse suit that's becoming active onwards... Anyways... Try Not To Di-*Abandoned Mickey: Hey Pal! Wanna See My Head Come Off?* Wait what!? Uh-Oh! Oh S---(Gets Jump-Scared/Attacked) rnkejkbwkb3b37bfn3c 38b8suwo su 3db387337fedw36290-nje-eke[e=enc. ERR.
— Greg
In A Demonic Voice : You're still here? Well let me tell you , there will be no escape from this abandoned theater. You don't know what's behold the Abandoned Disney Theater... It's Possession. This theater is full of secrets , but you're not knowing them. But you're true fear will resume you.
— ???

Active Suits

The Only Next Suits That Will Activate And Appear On The Cameras Are Abandoned Corruptus and Charred Mickey Alongside The Abandoned Suits. He will appear on every camera , moving multiple room along his path , he will move into all of the rooms or everywhere before appearing inside the Office. He will somehow crash the game if he kills the player. Abandoned Mouse will almost become inactivate on this night , so that means he will act slow on every camera , not really going to appear on all of the cameras scattered inside the monitor. And the other suit that activates on this night is Bleeding Mouse.