Night 7 is seventh night in Five Nights at Treasure Island. This night only playable in Remastered version. This night drastically increases the difficulty to hard as most of the characters become active at this point. Henry, MickMick and Willy will be active on this night.

Before start the night, God will say:

So, do you understand now.

It's your fault.

Now you have to face the consequences.

1 being, that i revived.

A human.

This human is actually the one you killed, the one who pranked you.

You want to get rid of the human? Then darkness is your weapon.

Survive this night, i want you gone.

Active Suits

Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Disembodied, The Face, Suicide Mouse, Acephalous, Hourglass, Photo Negative Minnie, Ortensia, Daisy Duck. Henry, MickMick and Willy are also active on this night.

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