Were you looking for Office from the First game?

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The Office is the room where The Player will start, and will have to survive against Treasure Island's possessed Nightmare Suits from Night 1-6, gave infomation from the pre-recorded phone calls.


The Office has a scattered desk. On it, it has a monitor tilted to the right.

Atop of Office has a blood like sky and at the far end of the Office is a sign which is one side is detached from the ceiling, which is marked "Treasure Island, Resort and Gifts" on the middle of the sign, in a pirate like font.


The Office has a set of 2 doors, one to the left and to the right. It's too dark to see what about doors, you can use a Flashlight to see doorways clearly. If someone in one of doorways, you need shut off a cam, but that only works only on some suits. The Player can also reboot them. If The Player hears footsteps, The Player needs to Hide under the desk in time, or The Player will be jumpscared by a Nightmare Suit who made those footsteps.