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Ortensia is Oswald's Girlfriend , and is an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island Remastered. She was Walt Disney's second ever iconic Disney cartoon character, but with Oswald was later replaced by Mickey Mouse. She later made a comeback as a side character in the game Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2.

Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Color (s): White, Black, Pink
Starting Location: Storage Area
First appearance: Night 4


Ortensia is a cat with white skin wearing a purple sarafan and a pink hat. Like Oswald, she has no arms. Her eyes are completely black and she doesn't have arms


Ortensia will appear on Night 3 onwards. She will start the night by laying in the Storage room. Ortensia can speak in a girl's voice. she will say things like: - "Save us." - "God? Where are you?" - "God? God? God? Listen to me." - "Where are you? Help me."

Remastered 1.0

Ortensia activates on Night 4. She starts in the Storage Room with Oswald, MickMick, and Hourglass. She'll move from there to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and Lounge before appearing in The Office. The player must either shut off a camera, try hiding which only has a 50% chance of working, or shutting off the power. Failing or neglecting to do so results in Ortensia killing the player.

Remastered 2.0

Ortensia activates on Night 3 in the Storage Room. She moves from there to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and Lounge before arriving in The Office. The player could either shut off a camera to lure her out of the office, hide under the desk for a 50/50 shot of survival, or shut off the power. Failing or neglecting to do so will make her attack the player.


She can be seen in the Showcase room on night 3. She will appear in Character Prep 1, the Staff area, Meat Freezer, Break room, Lounge, in the elevator and the Office. She will rarely wander into the bathrooms because its the men's bathroom and she is a girl.

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