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Past Mickey is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island. Which his appearance resembles Photo-Negative Mickey and same as Mickey Mouse. And he's the main antagonist and he bears to be a strong resemblance to the main Mickey Mouse suit in DisneyLand.


Past Mickey is an antagonist along with Photo-Negative Mickey and he's the main antagonist in DisneyLand and he is a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse cartoons , he is a friendly mouse suit , and he acts like Photo-Negative Mickey but he's different , if he's at the Office , he won't kill the player because he's friendly , he will meet the player and the player escape with Past Mickey and then the game will end good.


Past Mickey is a friendly and a Un-inverted version of Photo-Negative Mickey.

Past Mickey's appearance nearly resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's only except Past Mickey's appearance is not an Photo Negative look, but in the colors of Mickey Mouse and he bears to be a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse cartoons and the Mickey Mouse suit that resembles to DisneyLand and he is a friendly-looking mouse suit.


He activates on Night 6 or on the Good Ending , He Acts Like Photo-Negative Mickey , Past Mickey starts at Character Prep 1 along with Disembodied. He is initially seen standing about a camera. This can help the player prepare for him. He appears in some of the cameras, cameras not on his path being Storage Room. He can next go to the Staff Area , then he goes to the Meat Freezer , he can go to the Bathroom or the Lounge and then he'll appear at the Office , if he's at the Office , he won't kill the player , he'll offer a deal if he can escape Treasure Island with him , if the player agrees , then that's when the game will end and the screen will say "Good Ending".


Past Mickey Like Photo-Negative Mickey begins in Character Prep 1, then moves to Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, then he'll go to the Lounge, and then The Office.


  • Past Mickey is the only toon who is active on Night 6.
  • Past Mickey is the past version of MickMick.
  • Past Mickey is one of the workers.
  • Past Mickey only appeared in the Remastered 1.0 and 2.0
  • Past Mickey is the main antagonist in the DisneyLand.
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