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Past Mickey
Species: Mouse Suit
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, Red, White, Yellow, Peach Skin
Starting Location: Character Prep 1
First appearance: Night 6 (FNaTI Remastered 1.0)

Past Mickey is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island. Which his appearance resembles Photo-Negative Mickey.



Past Mickey's appearance nearly resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's appearance, only except Past Mickey's appearance is not an Photo Negative look, but in Black, Red, White and Yellow colors of Mickey Mouse.


Like Photo-Negative Mickey, Past Mickey starts at Character Prep 1 along with Disembodied. He is initially seen standing about a camera. This can help the player prepare for him. He appears in some of the cameras, cameras not on his path being: Storage Room.


Past Mickey Like Photo-Negative Mickey begins in Character Prep 1, then move, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Bathroom, Lounge, Office.


  • Past Mickey is the only suit who active on Night 6.
  • Past Mickey is the past version of MickMick.
  • When he is in the Bathroom his black eyes are missing.
  • Past Mickey is one of workers who weared a Mickey Mouse Costume.
  • Past Mickey only appeared in the Remastered version.
  • In the old version of fnati R 2.0, Night 6 was more difficult and Mickey's paste did not appear only in the new version created by P.N Mickey