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The Pirate Caverns Is A Special Area Accessed As The Second Half Of Night 3 As A Special Location In Five Nights At Treasure Island : Remastered and Abandoned Discovery Island : Version 2.0.

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The Pirate Caverns is a special area accessed as the second half of Night 3 and a special location that is located in Five Nights At Treasure Island and Abandoned Discovery Island : Version 2.0. This special area is where Undying will start and this area is where The Face will become a threat. Suicide Mouse can be in the Pirate Caverns frequently.


When the player enters the Pirate Caverns, the game style changes to a point-and-click type of adventure game where the player clicks to go to other areas in the cavern. The player can enable a flashlight by pressing the space bar. The Face will also be a threat in this area.


The locations in Pirate Caverns consist of an aquarium, an area with some couches and an elevator, an office, a staircase, and a room with a piano and a treasure chest. There is an area that is not accessible as of the latest update, called Undying's Room. This room, and possibly others, could be accessed via the non-working elevator seen in one of the rooms.

Proper Areas/Locations

The player will start at the Elevator after Night 3 , then the player can interact by clicking to the next locations :

  • Cavern's Entrance
  • Stairway
  • Staircase
  • Aquarium
  • Ocean Pattern
  • The Hidden Cavern
  • Old Office
  • The Exhibitor
  • The Pirate's Cove
  • The Treasure Staff

Second Areas To The Second Floor Of The Pirate Caverns

  • Pirate Caverns
  • Hallway
  • Magma Wall
  • Strapped Area
  • Caverns' Storage
  • The Vault
  • The Vent
  • Mannequin's Room
  • The Searching

If you spot any enemies that appear on your path , get away form them as possible to avoid from getting killed to survive , but if Failing or Neglecting to get away form an enemy , the enemy will kill the player by jump-scaring the player and then that jump-scare will result in a game over. Many hours to 6.A.M. might take too long for the second half of Night 3 because the first half of Night 3 takes too long because the third night ends at 3.A.M. After awhile , If you wander around before 6 A.M. , the second half of Night 3 will end off with the 6.A.M. cut-scene.


  • Pirate Caverns is the second half of Night 3.
  • The Pirate Caverns is in the two games : Five Nights At Treasure Island , Abandoned Discovery Island.
  • Suicide Mouse frequently can be one of the enemies that starts in the Pirate Caverns , the other being The Face and Undying.
  • Pirate Caverns have a long time of reaching to 6.A.M. because Night 3 takes too long to 3.A.M. over disability of 6.A.M.
  • Night 3 takes too long because any night takes long to reach to 6.A.M.
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