Five Nights At Treasure Island Remastered 1.0 Wikia
" it's very important that you make noise somewhere else in the building.
This page includes the Sound files of Five Nights at Treasure Island, but beware, some of the sounds are very loud, and if you have issues over loud noises, make sure you turn your volume down, or don't listen to it.

Thank you!


'The sound of when changing a Camera

'The sound of when shutting off a Camera

'Picking up the tablet


'The sound when hiding under the desk

'The sound when getting out from under the desk

Photo-Negative Mickey

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "hey".

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "wanna see my head come off".(Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey's alternate way of saying "hey".(Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "wanna see my head come off".(Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey laughing.

Photo-Negative Mickey laughing.

Photo-Negative Mickey's screech.


"Bless your soul"

Don't bless this one

Have mercy on me please...I only ask for peace

God? God? God?

God? Where are you God?'

God? Do you see me?

I know you're here so, please bless me, and help me out here

Oswald's scream


"Hear Me" (Loud)

"Hear me..." (Faint)

"I thought you loved me"

"Do you think, leaving me here, would proove anything?"

"I called for help..But you, didn't listen"

"I'm still here"

"Have A Heart...Please..."

Acephalous's screech

The Face

The Face's bang sound

The Face's second bang sound

The Face walking

The Face moving


The forest... it follows me

The spirits... they are coming

You should have never come here

You aren't going anywhere

Behind You

The Face's screech

Photo Negative Minnie

Minnie Laughing

Minnie saying "This isn't how it was supposed to be"

Minnie saying "Why do i exist?"

Minnie's scream

Suicide Mouse

Suicide Mouse's music, as heard in the Creepypasta

"This place is a suicide"

"Real suffering is not known"

"The sights of hell bring it's viewers back in"

"I don't deserve this life"

"I've made many mistakes"

"I've seen true despair"

Suicide Mouse's screech


Disembodied's Quacks (WARNING LOUD)


Awww you're soft kids

He is here my Children

Your life..It's almost over


I Will not have mercy.

I am here for revenge.

I won't forgive you.


Why am i here ?

Why am i here ? (2nd version)

Leave me Alone.

Leave me Alone. (2nd version)

Why did you do it?

Why did you do it? (2nd version)


I will tear your head off.

It's your time to suffer.

This time, you won't only be scared.

I will scare you to death.

Unused Content

MickMick saying "Hi there!"


MickMick saying "Hey!"

MickMick saying "My boat? You took it!"

MickMick saying "He isn't nice..."


MickMick saying "Where's my hat?"

Pure Mickey saying "Hi There..."

Pure Mickey saying "We all are Henry now..."

Pure Mickey saying "Can you see inside the Skull..."


Willy saying "Hi there".

Willy saying "Hey". Willy saying "My boat? You took it!" Willy saying "He isn't nice". Willy saying "Where's my hat?"


The sound Willy emits when attacking the player. Notice! it is the same as Photo-Negative Mickey

True Mickey

''Hello.... Welcome... to my show of nightmares.''

''You won't last long.''

''I... am the true one.''

''You've escaped from me once, but you won't escape again.''

Pure Mickey

"This place is a suicide."

"Real suffering is not known!"

"The sights of hell bring it's viewers back in..."

"I don't deserve this life!"

"I've made many mistakes..."

"I've seen true despair...!"

Pure Mickey saying "Hi there!"


Pure Mickey saying "Hey!"

Pure Mickey saying "My boat? You took it!"

Pure Mickey saying "He isn't nice..."


Pure Mickey saying "Where's my hat?"


WARNING FOR HEADPHONE USERS AND VIEWERS : Screech Sounds Underneath Will Be Very Loud!

Pure Mickey's screech

Pure Mickey's Alternative/Second Screech

Old/Scrapped, Unused Render Sounds

Pure Mickey saying "Hi There..."

Pure Mickey saying "We all are Henry now..."

Pure Mickey saying "Can you see inside the Skull..."

Blood Mouse

"Your soul is mine..."

"May death awaken you..."

"God can't save you now..."

"May God have mercy on your soul..."

"Welcome to true hell..."

"The devil will greet you with pain and suffering..."


''Blood Mouse's sreech''



George The Eyesore

George's First Moan

George's Second Moan

"My Stomach Rumbles...!"

"The Hells Reject Me..."

"Who Disturbs The Dead?"

Phone Calls

Night 1 Call

Night 2 Call

Night 3 Call