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Spirit Minnie is an antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2: Original Revamp. She can have 10% of a chance of somewhat cannot be appearing on the cameras , the other suit being Spirit P.N Mickey.


Spirit Minnie Looks like her old look but in a ghostly look. One of his hands are missing. Her dress is black and her spots are ghostly white. And she appears to have ''human-like teeth'' will gum and some of her teeth inside her ''human-like'' teeth is pulled out or appears to be missing and she appears to have a pale face. Her dress appears to have a giant hole or a rip at the right side of her dress. And she has a little sharp fingers and a sharp thumb on her black glove. Her side of her face is torn , one of her eye holes are big and the other one is small. Her nose is grey. Her bow tie is black with ghost-white spots. Half Or Her Arm Is Cut Off. One of her ears is almost absent and she's similar to Jake and a similar indistinct to Spirit P.N Mickey because she is very strict along her ghost-state and she's generally a demonic version of Photo-Negative Minnie.


She gets active really fast at Night 3 or on Night 1.

When she becomes active or if she moves anywhere or appears in the Office , she will only say these quotes in a very sinister , a little low and pale voice :

  • Why Do I have To Exist In This World?
  • This Wasn't Mean't To Happen...
  • This Time , You Won't Escape!
  • (Sinister Laughter)

She starts at Character Prep 2 , then she goes to Character Prep 1 , then she proceeds to go to the Staff Area , and then she will move along multiple room along her path , she will appear on all of the rooms within all of the cameras in the monitor before then , she finally teleports to the Office. The player must pull off the monitor in the camera to make her disappear , otherwise she will kill the player an then her jump-scare will end up resulting a game over. Her jump-scare is somewhat similar to Photo-Negative Mickey's.


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Spirit Minnie's Jumpscare


Spirit Minnie's Laughter

This isnt how we were supposed to be

Spirit Minnie saying "This isn't how it was supposed to be..."

Why do i exist

Minnie saying "Why do I exist?"


Spirit Minnie's scream


  • Unlike Spirit P.N Mickey , She is one of the two enemies that has 10% or small chance of somewhat not appearing on the cameras , the other suit being Spirit P.N Mickey.
  • Spirit Minnie is a similar indistinct to Spirit P.N Mickey.
  • She will be the enemy that will resist to go away from the Office if the player shuts the lights out.
    Screenshot (369)

    Spirit Minnie (Realistic)


Spirit Minnie (REMAKE)

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