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The stage is a location of Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let the Show Begin that's the main camera in the monitor known as CAM 1 And this is also known as CAM 1, is the main location in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 : Let The Show Begin , where the camera first appears when the monitor's pulled up. It is nothing but a dark room with an Abandoned Mickey Mouse head prop laying on the bare wooden ground floor and there's a broken projectionist laying at the ground floor hat is bare wooden concrete , and there's bare light shining at the room and there's walls that are unclear to see ,but it's bare concrete floor. There is also a big entrance frame on the far right of the room somewhere behind the right side of the camera which leads to the Storage , Backstage 1 , Backstage 2 and the Theater.

Beta Version

In the Beta Version , on the stage , there is an abandoned wallpaper of a castle used in the shows and there's a broken projector on the floor , the wallpaper looks like the Disneyland "Cinderella's Castle" in the 1980's , and there's a door at the middle that's a little bit open the lights seem to be "Stage lights" and there's wires around the wallpaper and the broken projector and the floor looks withered.

Remastered Version

In the Remastered Version , the stage is a very dark location and you can barely see a plastic wood and a grey-scale Mickey head and a broken and an abandoned projector on the ground and the walls are all rusty in their appearance and there's a stage light on top of the stage and the floor's made out of wood.

Active Suits

The stage is the only location that can be seen in two different cameras as the other CAM known as the Theater. Melted Impure Mouse can claim that is her starting location because an unknown person just threw her in the stage.

Appearing Suits

The other abandoned suits can appear in the Stage. that are Abandoned Mickey , Abandoned Oswald , Abandoned Goofy , Happy Mouse , Abandoned Ortensia on the Theater and Abandoned The Face.

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