The Suits are the antagonists of Five Nights At Treasure Island. They resemble Disney characters and must be repelled by shutting off a cam, by hiding under the table, or by shutting off a power.

Photo-Negative Mickey


Photo-Negative Mickey is the main antagonist of the game. He is a Mickey suit, but colored in photo-negative. He wanders in straight pattern from Character Prep 1, through Staff Area, till Meat Freezer. From Meat Freezer he can enter Office, through out the right door, or go to Bathroom and then Lounge, and then go to the left door of the Office. Once in the office, shutting off the cam should lure him away.



Oswald is an unfinished Suit, thus he lacks arms and has a messed up texture. He is almost completely black, making him hard to spot on the cameras. He goes in the same pattern as Photo-Negative Mickey, but he starts from Storage Room. He can only access office through the Lounge.



Disembodied is the head of a Donald Duck suit. His eyes are black and he lacks his sailor hat. He starts in Character Prep 1, and first will stare into the camera when he will be ready to attack. He will then appear on the player's desk in the Office, making glitched loud quack sounds. Player must shut off a cam to make him leave. Otherwise he will speed up other suits.

Suicide Mouse


Suicide Mouse is grayscale Mickey costume that is the direct reference to creepypasta Suicidemouse.avi. He will start from Broadcasting Room and will go through Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer and Office. He goes in straight pattern. He will also change posters in Character Prep 1 to his face. Shutting off the camera makes him go away.

The Face


The Face is a Mickey suit, but unlike Photo-Negative Mickey, he retains his normal colors. His legs are missing, his jaw hangs open as if broken. His eyes are human eyes, and are smaller than his sockets. He will Randomly appear on the player's desk, and player will need to shut off the cam to make him leave. He makes banging sounds when moving.

He also appears in Pirate Caverns chasing the player.



Acephalous is a Goofy suit, that lacks a head. His head can be found in Meat Freezer. Acephalous will start from Bathroom, the through Meat Freezer till he reaches Office. In the office player must hide or shut off power to make him go away, otherwise he will kill you.

His head can only teleport if his eyes are open.

Photo Negative Minnie


She's the photo-negative version of the Minnie. She has small, empty eyes and a big row of teeth. She appears in Character Prep 1 and will go in pattern similar to the Photo-Negative Mickey. Once in the office, you must shut off the camera, or shut off the power otherwise she'll kill you.



Ortensia is a cat with white skin, purple sarafan and with pink hat with a daisy in it on her head. Like Oswald, she has no arms.



MickMick's appearance nearly resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's appearance, only except MickMick's appearance is not an Photo Negative look, and the eye holes of the suit being all widened with Human Eyeballs visible within them.

MickMick begins in the Storage Room then he go to Staff Area, then to Meat Freezer, can go to Bathroom, then to Lounge, and Office. If you don't shut off a cam or a power, he'll be kill you.



He is a gloomy looking version of Pluto. Pluto is one of the easter eggs, and will appear rarely on the left door of the office making bark, like sounds. Shutting of a cam will make him go way.

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