Five Nights At Treasure Island Remastered 1.0 Wikia

Trailer 1

The first trailer for Five Nights at Treasure Island:


Original Five Nights at Treasure Island trailer


The First trailer starts with a variation of the song "Small World", which is way creepy, and a look at the Meat Freezer with Acephalous's head in the floor. Then a message which reads "Welcome" appears. The scene then changes to show Oswald in the Office. The camera then pans to the Lounge followed by a message which reads "To Disney's Abandoned Resort". The next scene shows the camera entering the Storage Area trogh the Staff Area while Photo-Negative Mickey stands in the way, You can see oswald again there. Then the message "You Work For The SSA" shows up. The next scene shows the Staff Area again, The "Staff Only" door opens then other messages appear one reads "To find out what happend many years ago", the next "Check the Cameras", next "Hide Under the Desk", then another which reads "But make sure.." and a final one which reads "They won't get you". The next scene just shows mickey in the office followed by Five Nights at Treasure Island As a message. Then the screen goes black while the song Ends. The final scene shows a normal Mickey (Latter revealed to be MickMick) which looks at the camera. the Trailer ends with the word "Coming Soon".