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  • I was born on August 23

Hello, My name is Slime Willy The (Mouse)Multi-verse Traveler AKA(Also Known As) Kirill Sadkevich Yaroslavovich(Or just Kirill for short).

What you need know about me

  • I'm from Russia.
  • I was born on August 23th.
  • And i currently live in Moscow.
  • I'm good and kinda bad at English.
  • I'm lover of FNaF and Fan-Games that linked to FNaF or Not. And of course, I'm Lover of Undertale and Fan-games that linked to Undertale. And also I'm Lover of...Pokemons, and modern kids and Medium(and sometimes Family Guy, Simpsons and Spinoffs that linked to Family Guyages cartoons. And finally lover of Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Etc. games.
  • I'm don't know what means shortcuts of words.

Another Accounts

My Wikia page.(This one)

My Gamejolt Page.

My Twitter Page.

My VKontakte Page.

My Youtube Channel.

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